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  • Lepao Smart Education Center has been implementing multiple intelligence teaching in Taiwan for more than ten years. It also has comprehensive service capabilities for teaching materials manufacturing, tutorial development and teaching promotion. The main promotion concept is the "inspiration from games" approach.

  • It adopts the LASY system building blocks designed by German mechanical engineer Peter Laws, and is manufactured in Taiwan, and has won the European Union and multi-national safety certification.

  • Main features:

        (1) Emphasize the structure of 3 degrees space so that children can have a three-dimensional concept;

        (2) Design and assembly of actual models;

        (3) Combining the use of science and skills;

        (4) Contains the principles of physics and mechanical processes.

  • Let children in the creation of playful, interesting and easy-to-operate games, step by step, from simple to complex, cultivate children's "physics ability", "problem-solving ability" and "creativity", so that children can play happily in the game. It can balance left and right brain, hand-eye coordination application and whole brain development.

  • Lepao building blocks can be connected and inserted at various angles from front to back, left, right, up and down. The combined structure is stable and can create movable and playable works. The free and unlimited three-dimensional construction method allows children to express their creativity without restriction.

  • It has the most complete teaching aids and teaching materials from basic structure, wheel system, power system, giant system, etc., allowing children to carry out STEM and machine courses in the most relaxing and fun way, and develop rich and brilliant multiple intelligences Study life.

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