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The features of our  Lepao Smart Blocks

Infinite Creativity

Our blocks offer maximum creativity. Each block can always be used for multiple purposes, with free-style combination, thus enabling kids to engineer anything they can imagine.

Learn through Play

Kids can start from simple to complicated and easy to difficult. Their motor skills, interpersonal skills, logical thinking skills, interpretation skills, language skills, etc will be developed through playing.

High Initial Interest

Colourful blocks can raise the kids’ initial interest. With their specific construction system, the finished products can be played and even have their own expressions (Animals, Insects, Robots, etc.).

Hand-on and Systematic Learning

Start from basic construction system, then gear system and finally power system, kids can gain hands-on understanding about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics (STEAM). Each activity is focused on solving real-world challenges using imagination and a problem-based learning approach.

Stable structure

The connection between blocks are based on Mortise and Tenon system. The structure will be more stable and not easy to break while you construct it big and wide.

Highly Recommended by Educational Professionals

Awarded by Spiel-Gut, this construction system was widely recommended by educational professionals, psychologists, doctors, engineers and parents from more than 50 countries.

Unique double-sided design

The blocks are designed with double-sided smooth surface, easy to clean and get rid of dirt.

Quality Safety Toys

Manufactured from ABS material. Made in Taiwan. Non-Toxic, BPA-Free, Lead-Free and Phthalates-Free. Certificated with Intertak and Safety Toys from many different countries.

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