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Delivery and returns

Delivery policy

  • Orders are cut off at 11:00pm, and customers can pick them up at their chosen SF station, smart cabinet or convenience store. It takes about 2 to 4 working days.

  • SF Station Address
    By the way, smart cabinet address
    SF Service Point Address

  • The website will automatically send emails to your customers. Customers can check the cargo status on the SF Express website.

  • When the customer submits the order, he must accurately provide the real name, address and consignee's name and other information, and be sure to provide the phone number, otherwise the express company will not accept the goods. Please provide an SF Express station or SF smart cabinet address. Do not provide a home address. Otherwise, if the goods cannot be delivered to the customer due to data errors, the company is not as responsible.

  • Shipping costs to regions outside Hong Kong do not include the destination tariffs, and the customer is responsible for customs clearance.

  • Customers mailing to mainland China and overseas must understand the local customs and import laws before purchasing, so as not to violate the local laws.

  • If the product is damaged in the mail, the customer can ask the courier company in charge of the mail or the post office of the country of departure to be responsible for compensation.

  • If it is lost during the mailing, our company will try our best to help retrieve the product.

Refund policy

All products, except that the product is damaged or does not match the product ordered by the customer, can be the reason for return. No return is allowed for other reasons.

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