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Lepao Basic H800

Lepao Basic H800

SKU: H800

"The first stage-developing creativity and constructing ability"

"Suitable for children aged 3 or above"

Lebao building blocks are mainly composed of A, H, pipes, boards and wheels. They are connected in six directions. They can be connected horizontally or at right angles. Compared with ordinary building blocks, they can only be connected up and down. The work is movable, which is more interesting and vital than the solid and rigid building blocks that can only be made. The assembly is not easy to loosen, and it is not so easy to be scattered everywhere. Therefore, children can be given more space to play and let them continue to create more fun works.

Playing with building blocks can not only develop children's intelligence, coordination and balance ability, but also exercise large and small hand muscles, and cultivate their imagination, creativity and logical thinking from an early age.

Equipped with teaching manuals and DVDs, children can start simple and build different works step by step. When children can complete the pictures in the various manuals by themselves, it is believed that children can already master the characteristics and matching methods of Lebao bricks. By then, there is no need to read any lesson plans and encourage children to create works that they have different ideas. It can also be matched with other combination packages, such as electric bag, H800SP super suit, G701 gear suit or H901 electromechanical suit for more creations.

All components of Lebao building blocks are made of ABS resin, which is non-toxic, tasteless, and does not fade. And after strict quality control, whether it is the closeness between the components and the corner treatment, the absolute quality is precise and does not hurt the skin of children. And it has obtained a number of international certifications, such as the European Union's Intertek safety certification and Taiwan's safety toy certification. It is made in Taiwan, so parents can buy with peace of mind.

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